Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Quick Update

Well, I have just done a terrible job at keeping this blog updated. I haven't even had it for that long. And although I've talked to most of my local friends face to face, I know I do have a few digi-friends who'd probably like an update on me and to know why I've kind of been absent.

I went back to work last month. I'm working at a cemetery 2 1/2 days a week. And I love it! I really think I was ready for this brain stimulation after 15 years of being out of the workforce. I work the front office and take care of most of the clerical duties in the office. But I also work with families who come in and help them with any type of burial business. The easiest is when they are coming in to take of business ahead of time and there's been no death. Nice, clean & pleasant. But we do get time of death business too. Those are a little more difficult but most who come in have someone with them and I can tell they are comforting each other. I've really only had one that affected me pretty bad and it stayed with me all weekend. But I worked through it.

I'm sad that I don't have quite as much time for scrapping. But that also could just be the time of year. This is a busy season every year. And I have managed to get a few LO's scrapped. Just not as many as I'm used to. After next week I should be able to jump back in with both feet.

I've told Siobhan, the head of our worship department, that I don't want to start leading worship again right now. I'm enjoying this off-time and would like to settle a little more into my job. I'm certainly not done with worship leading, but I'm not quite ready to dive back in.

Tonight is Christmas Eve and we've let the kids open one present as is our tradition. I brought out a huge present that I've been telling them is mine this whole time. I told them they could help me open it. When they opened it and saw that it was Guitar Hero World Tour they all started screaming. It was just the reaction I was hoping for. Spencer said that if I was trying to do something better each year, I was going to have a hard time beating this one next year. I'm glad they like their present. I like it too :)

Well, it's late and the kids are finally winding down in preparation for Christmas morning. I knew I was going to have to let them stay up later and play with their new toy for a while. I love having my parents here this Christmas. They seem to make everything more special. We'll be having waffles in the morning, opening the rest of the presents and then heading to the bay area.

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. And remember that Jesus is the Reason. Period.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Speed Scrap Tomorrow!!

Okay... I TOTALLY spaced on this one. But I'm hosting a Speed Scrap tomorrow at 10am pacific. I actually remembered about the Speed Scrap. Just forgot to tell anyone about it! So please come if you can. I've got a great set of instructions lined up. Check it out HERE